New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology


Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada),

ISBN: 978-1-8975-1016-2

© Antonov V.V., 2008

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Vladimir Antonov


Spiritual Heart.
Spiritual Development.
Man and God. Destiny.
Meaning of Life.
Upbringing of Children.
Art. Chakras. Kundalini.
Ecopsychologists Cognize and Study God

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko and Maxim Shafeyev

This book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language by scientist-biologist Dr. Vladimir Antonov. It covers the essential issues: what is God, the place of human being in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, principles of forming and correction of destiny, ways of attaining health and happiness, most effective methods of psychic self-regulation, about spiritual development and cognition of God.

The book includes also texts of several lectures by Dr. Antonov. These lectures may repeat the main ideas of the book — in other words. It will help the readers to comprehend the material more fully.

The book is intended for all kinds of readers.