New Ecopsychology
or Spiritual Ecology

Divine Teachers — about Upbringing of Children

Rada, Anastasiya, Lada

“I would like to tell also about little children of pre-school age. Adults have to change their attitude toward such children!

“Little children are a source of joy and happiness! Almost all they come to this world as souls similar to blank pages: to begin creating anew their lives on the Path to Light! And it is adults that begin to ‘write’ children’s destinies by introducing into the children souls the seeds of either good or bad qualities!

“When a soul comes to the Earth (incarnates), it is difficult for the soul to become used to a small child’s body, to its limited physical and mental abilities. The soul has to master relationships with the outer world through intermediates: through adults and peers, who surround the baby. The soul anyway absorbs everything — both good and bad: on this stage of development children are not capable of discerning them.

“It is the seeds of good that adults have to introduce into children souls! It is very easy to do in early age by addressing the soul, the consciousness of the child without using the intermediate — the manas of the body. The effectiveness of such education is very high, but adults themselves also have to be in the state of love, otherwise the result will be the opposite.

“It is very important to exclude from relationships with children the ways of educating them with commands only: “it is not allowed!”, “do not go!”, “do not touch it!”, etc. One has to necessarily explain to the child why it is allowed and why not. Then the child develops the ability to think rather than to react primitively to the commands of adults.

“Adults think that they know better than children, but this is not necessarily always true. Adults have to observe more attentively the behavior and reactions of children in different situations before trying to educate them. And then adults can avoid making many mistakes which are harmful for children.”

* * *

“… I help you all of the time! I suggest that you place in yourselves that sun which shines in Me. He who abides in Me — becomes My Soul and gains life in Me!

“I suggest that you, too, use My pink Sun — to avoid the world of sorrow. He who turns by the soul into the Joy of Rada — forever settles in Me!

“It is very easy to settle in the world of God if you have joy in the soul! Sorrow, depression, hatred are for hell. But calm, quiet, flowing love, love-happiness of communication with Me, with living nature is the path which I sought and traversed. By this path I have led very many people!

“I suggest that those who begin their path to Me settle in this tender pink Light and stretch from this Light the arms of the soul!… One has to use this stage — especially among those ontogenetically young, including children — the ability to live in the joy of the light of the Sun!

“Help souls settle in Me — and I will guide worthy ones to the Abode of the Creator!

“I suggest entering anahata with My hands, with the state of My joy — the joy of pink Sun!

“Recall Me at least every Sunday and then the entire week I will be with you!”

* * *

“The most important point that I want to tell about is introducing of the principle of giving! It has to come together with opening of the spiritual heart and you have to suggest many different ways of realizing this principle!

“They need to be suggested the ways of positive development! All they want to receive — but one has to teach them to give, to create!

“… In relation to this, I would like to give to every reader of this book a ray of love, his or her own ray!

“Every person can begin to help God: to help to transform that which is bad. Yet everyone has to start by changing themselves — only themselves!

“Everyone can begin to create around themselves a small space of love. It is so simple that everyone can do it… One has to learn to shine with a ray of love from the spiritual heart!

“One can come to the forest; it is best to do it in spring, but any other season is also good. One has to stand near a birch, touch its trunk with a finger, stroke tenderly this living tree, and then feel a ray of light coming from one’s own chest, from the place where love lives. And then — to stroke with this ray of light the trunk of the birch: as with a finger.

“Then repeat this exercise several times — in order to really feel this touching.

“Anyone can do this — a little child, the mother or grandmother of the child; then the child can teach it to the father and the grandfather.

“Everyone has this ray; one needs just to turn on the light of love.

“If there is no forest or birches nearby, then one can stroke any tree…

“Then one has to learn to shine with this ray at any distance — and give thus tenderness to all whom one loves.

“One can try to shine even at flowers which grow in one’s room and see how they will grow better after that!

“One can try to direct this ray to our Earth and stroke the planet with it, directing the ray into the depth: the Earth also has a heart… One has to stroke it very tenderly: Earth is living!

“Also one can stroke God with this ray and feel Joy of God in response…

“… I would like to give to all people this knowledge: ‘Everything around you loves you, man! Thus the Creation was created by God-the-Father! And if inside you there is a response of love, then mergence happens: separateness and isolation disappear and become replaced with the Love of Everything Existing! All energies of the universe inside man come then to harmony!

“This can be given not only to those who are close to Higher Initiations. This should be included into the basic course of opening of the spiritual heart!

“Harmony and Love of the Absolute — this meditation has to be become one’s background state, one’s natural way of life, the correct self-awareness of the soul!

“Everything can be solved through submergence of the consciousness into the spiritual heart!

“I can suggests several other methods for beginners — for those who want to see and experience this but have not managed to do it yet. I will try to outline several simple and easy-to-use methods that can replace usual amusements of city life.

“Why does it happen that people cannot perceive the most important things themselves? Because from childhood they do not live a conscious life — they are used to ‘feed on’ other’s ideas and emotions! These other’s ideas and emotions — coming, in particular, through TV and music players — fill inside man the emptiness of the soul which originates from the unconscious way of life!

“One has to teach people to love — only then the entire spectrum of perception and awareness of human soul is turned on!

“For example, one can learn to walk the Earth. One can remember that our Earth is a living soul, and simply walk, carefully stepping on the body of the Earth, feeling every touch of the feet to its surface. It is very simple; everyone can do this! Just ten minutes of such walking can result in first changes. Even children can be taught this. If people become aware that the Earth is a living soul, then they will be more kind and understanding, because a connection between two souls occurs: between the small human soul — and the giant soul of the Earth. This connection, if one feels it, can help to become more healthy and happy: it is similar to a link between a mother and her child connected by the awareness of mutual love!

“One can also lay on the Earth with open arms, in a relaxed state — and become aware that we fly in the space on the planet called Earth… If a teacher or parents lie together with children in this way and tell them about the universe — then children’s impressions from this conversation will be more important than those received in entertainment attractions!

“And a stay for a night in the forest can give unforgettable impressions if one lies so and looks at the stars…

“Also one can touch with the hands living water. Water has wonderful qualities; people know only some of them. If one feels that the water in a pure river or a forest lake is living, then one can wash oneself and swim in it in a very special way.

“For centuries people used water for healing; this use is based on the quality of water to change its structure under the influence of the consciousness. For example, when we touch with the hands something living, we can give our love… And water as well — will remember this for a long time…

“One can wash oneself, swim in interaction with this wonderful miracle created by God on our planet — with water, which is one of the main components of the matter of living organisms. One can even talk to water, to ask it to purify and to heal the body. One can swim, feeling water with every cell of the body. Thus one can increase the awareness, improve health, and remember this exercise as something very significant!

“Also one can wash oneself with sunlight. It does not mean simply exposing the body to sunlight, but one has to interact with it! The energy of the Sun is so wonderful! It exists both on the visible and non-visible to human eye levels; it penetrates in the depth of us! One can stand under a flow of sunlight as if under a waterfall — and do the exercise latihan. And this can fill one with joy and health!…

“Of course, one should not suggest to people who are not interested in spiritual truths to dedicate much time to such exercises. For them it can be interesting and useful to arrange sport trainings in nature, to collect mushrooms, berries, and medicinal herbs. One can taste the gifts of nature: berries, leaves, herbs that are pleasant to eat. And let us thank nature for this gift! This can also bring healing to the body and to the soul! Many people can be attracted by this healing aspect — and it is very good in the beginning.

“One can learn to receive joy even from removing garbage from places where people defiled the beauty of nature with it. This is also ecology that people have to learn!…

“It is in interaction with harmonious states of living nature, with concrete plants and animals that people can come to understand with what great Love God created everything living!”


“Vasilyek, tell us please what can we do in the aspect of working with children?”

“Cognition of God and His Creation is so much interesting! However, now on the Earth (with some exceptions) the word God is related for children mainly with tedious edification from adults… But God is their main Friend, their main Companion in games and in life!… I want to make their lives very interesting! This is called ecology. It teaches one to learn, to love, to guard!

“How did You teach Your children?”

“In this very way: even a flower could become a whole world that tells its story including the structure of its life, ethics, philosophy, God…”

“There was a library in the ruins of a destroyed monastery nearby that I discovered in My childhood… These books became a catalyst for awakening the memory of the soul and as a source of much knowledge… I intuitively recognized the Truth — and then retold it to children in a manner interesting to them. For example, I told them about the events as if I saw them with the eyes of God…

“They submerged into My love — and everything that I described was imbibed by them together with My love and became an integral part of their worldview. As mother’s milk contains everything necessary for child’s life, even so My love included the basics of worldview and ethics of God, and a little of concrete knowledge about plants, animals, Earth.

“It was great joy! — to see how their hearts open and aspire toward the Light

“Now I work with children — I teach them to be joyful. It is very important — to be joyful! People ceased to enjoy natural beauty — and this is very sad for God.

“There is much beauty on the Earth; one just needs to see it! Not everyone can see masterpieces of arts, but everyone can admire the beauty of living nature! Even in the desert and in the eternal Arctic ice there is a special charm!

“Ask people around you: how often do they look at the sky? You will learn that the ‘world’ of most of them is limited to several meters around their bodies and even these meters are contained in their rooms and offices.

“One has to teach people to notice the beautiful! To notice it not only when admiring forests, meadows, lakes, steppe, seas… — but also in dewdrops, in the first rays of the rising sun, in the drops of rain, in grass blades, in singing of birds, in the thin new moon… — everywhere one can discover the wonderful beauty of the Creation!

“And when people learn to notice the beautiful and to enjoy it, then they can understand and fall in love with Him Who created all this — with the Creator! Living nature was also created by the Creator — as an inexhaustible source of joy and love!”

“Tell us: why do You work with children and not with adults?”

“To work with children is a great joy for God! Children’s souls are more open toward the beautiful! The purity of their perception of the beautiful is much higher than that of adults. Children are also capable of comprehending very serious knowledge about God if one treats them seriously and speaks to them as to equals. They are capable to come to the level of their instructor if it is interesting to them. They absorb new knowledge with the whole consciousness, contrary to the case of adults when the received knowledge unfortunately ‘gets stuck in the head’.

“One must also keep in mind that children have dangerous ‘awkward age’*, but this is natural. They who pass it safely have a remarkable foundation for correct further development.

“Vasilyek, what can You advice concerning upbringing one’s own children?”

“One has to raise them by one’s own example! By one’s own example — in everything!

“One has to view the child as a student — and in the presence of students the teacher cannot allow himself or herself to show a little of weakness.

“The more difficult the student is, the more impeccable the teacher has to be!

“If one analyzes one’s own behavior — then one can understand that the roots of many child’s vices have roots in the soul of the teacher.

“One can repeat good words many times … — but what is the worth of the words of him who cannot follow impeccably his own advice? By such a behavior the teacher can depreciate forever the beautiful and correct values which he or she tries to impart to the student.”


“My dream and the dream of every One of Us is to turn the Earth into a blooming Ashram! Though We understand how much evil there is on the Earth now…”

“Lao! What can one do to prevent situations when children who received our knowledge ‘fall back’ to the opposite inclinations?”

“First, you have to develop love in children! Then such ‘falls’ will be impossible. A soul which has grown as love cannot degrade!

“Second, you have to strive to create groups of children (or children and adults) similar to forest ashrams — with pure and harmonious environment for living and growing. It is in such environment that one can form in souls strong, positive principles of life, morals, principles of interaction with the world of living nature. Forest schools are a possibility to help these sprouts of good, which need to be cared for constantly in the beginning.

“To be different from others — normally is not possible for a soul in a child’s body. To oppose alone the aggressive primitivism is possible only for an adult and strong person. Also, not all children can withstand by themselves the temptations of the dull contentment of the tamas guna.

“But if there are companions on the Path, then the child — even if he or she was an outcast — accepts a new positive role and becomes one of heroes-pioneers, defenders of the good!

“To a child, it is very important to have like-minded companions both among adults and among children!

“… One has to lay in children the foundation of development in the form of growth of love! Then future difficulties, including temptations of the egoistic attitude toward the world, become less dangerous.

“It is love that has to be the foundation of education of souls of any age! This makes their degradation impossible! If the hands of the spiritual heart — the arms which give, create love — became the basis of soul’s life, such a soul cannot fall! And against such a background the intellect has to be developed! A healthy and joyful way of life in harmony with nature, giving love to others — this is how souls have to be educated! The development of cordial love toward every God’s creation can help children on the spiritual Path! Forest schools make possible creating spiritual environment for children’s growth!”

“How can one help those who turn away from love?”

“They have many lives ahead… God’s help comes to those who seek how to help others.”